Trip to Gardaland amusement park

(23. 05. 2024)

Trip to Gardaland amusement park

(23. 05. 2024)



Adrenaline, fantasy and adventure! You are able to feel all of those three vibes during a one day visit of Gardaland, the biggest amusement park in Italy! So to relax before the upcoming summer exams, we invite you to join us on our trip to Gardaland, where all of us will again become kids for one day!

After Disneyland, the Italian Gardaland park is known as the biggest amusement park in Europe. Free falls, roller coasters, pirate ships, water atractions, a house of horror and many more activities are already waiting for you at our BIG one day trip to GARDALAND! There is something for everyone, different rollercoasters are there for the adrenaline freaks between us, as well as there are many merry-go-rounds for the ones who want to take those Instagram pictures and just relax in the park. When in Europe and less than 4 hours away from this magnificent amusement park, you just can not miss this opportunity to visit!



The bus transfer, a tour leader on the trip, one all-day ticket per person for the Gardaland amusement park.



Your application does not equal to a spot reservation for the trip! For your application to be fulfilled, you need to settle the costs of the trip first! You can receive all of the needed information on how to settle the costs of the trip if you write to us on our events email address

You can settle the costs of the trip the following ways:

  1. ESN Ljubljana office (during office hours)
    • with cash
    • with credit card
  2. Bank transfer
    • for bank details please write to our email address



DISCOUNTED PRICE: 50,00 EUR with ESN Ljubljana loyalty card

FULL PRICE: 55,00 EUR without ESN Ljubljana loyalty card

If you will pay with the help of a bank transfer send us your proof of payment on our email address


Cena: 55ÔéČ / 50ÔéČ*

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