Slovenian Coast Trip

(18. 09. 2021)

Slovenian Coast Trip

(18. 09. 2021)


Koper is the sixth largest city in Slovenia and with 25.000 inhabitants the largest city in Slovenian Istria and is the seat of one of the three Slovenian public universities, the University of Primorska. This is the area where in addition to Slovene, Italian is also the official language. With a unique ecology and biodiversity, it is considered an important natural resource. The city's Port of Koper is the major contributor to the economy of the municipality and country. The city offers beautiful views of the port, you can also take a stroll by the coast, enjoy specialities in local cafes or try street food.



Izola is an old fishing town with a rich history. In latin "izola" means island and Izola used to be an island that was connected to the mainland by a stony bridge. Established by refugees from Aquileia in the 7th century, the town was once surrounded by a wall, which was pulled down at the beginning of the 19th century, the material used to cover the sea between the island and mainland. The town has a good fishing industry and nautical centre. It made its first steps toward tourism when thermal water was discovered in 1820.



The town is known for its medieval architecture, with narrow streets and compact houses. You can enjoy the best coastal views after visiting the hill with St. George’s cathedral, overlooking the mesmerising cliffs. On Tartini’s square you can visit a local shop selling cosmetics and sweets made with traditional Slovenian salt.



The last of four cities is Portoro┼ż, which translates to port of roses. What led to the development site as a tourist resort Portoro┼ż were natural items like salt, salt water and mud. When the curative properties of these natural elements have been discovered in the early nineteenth century, they began construction in Portoro┼ż hotels and spa centers. Today Portoro┼ż is a large number of comfortable hotels, modern swimming pools, a wide range of diverse restaurants, casino, concert halls and is a well-known Congress Center. Cacao café with its big variety of ice cream flavours and other sweets is a perfect way to end the trip by the sea.



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