Language Course B

(10. 03. 2020)


20-hour course for Erasmus students includes learning the elementary phrases and formulas in everyday communication and basic grammar rules, so the students could familiarise themselves with Slovene and can form correct (simple) sentences in written and verbal communication.


The course will cover the following topics:

  1. personal identity

(how to introduce yourself, talk about yourself, get acquainted with people …),

  1. basic Slovene grammar rules (alphabet, verbs, nouns …)
  2. jobs and their characteristics
  3. everyday life and free time (shortly describe your day-to-day activities and hobbies),
  4. specific in Slovene culture (main Holidays in Slovenia, customs and habits …),
  5. food and drinks (some vocabulary for food and drinks, how to order food and drinks …),
  6. services and shopping (some basic phrases to use in a supermarket, a post office, a bank, a cinema …),
  7. studies and student life (how to inquire about information and directions, how to ger around Ljubljana as a student).

The main focus would, of course, be on greetings in Slovene, introductory and curious phrases and basic formulas, used for ordering food and drinks, shop and managing different everyday matters. In addition, we will focus on basic Slovene grammar rules, jobs and their characteristics, main specific in Slovene culture.

Price: 60

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