Balkan trip

(15. 11. 2019)

BALKAN TRIP (Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka)


Our next trip with ESN Ljubljana is here!

Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka, 3 days, 2 crazy nights and uncountable new memories! Join more than 100 Erasmus students on this one time opportunity!




➡️ WHEN: 15.11. - 17.11.

➡️ PRICE: 110€ with ESNcard / 120€ without ESNcard

➡️ PRICE INCLUDES: Transportation, Accomodation, Breakfast, Guided tours around the city, No entrance fee for 2 parties

➡️ APPLY: Here

➡️ After online application you have to come to the ESN office during our office hours to pay for your spot







Bus leaves from Ljubljana. We will drive past Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Doboj and Zenica to Sarajevo. After arriving in Sarajevo we will have a look at the Begovo GaziHusrev mosque from the 16th century, Carevo mosque with a madrassa, arcaded courtyard and the domed roof, old Orthodox church, the University Library, a typical Muslim Svrzina houses and Principles bridge that now bears its old name Latin Ćuprija. We will visit the underground tunnel under the airport, during the war this was the only way out of the occupied city. The afternoon we will spend on the old Baščaršija, which is heart and soul of the city, with its shops, handicrafts shops, bars and čevapdžinicami creates an atmosphere of familiarity. In the evening we will accommodate at the hotel and have some free time. In the evening we'll have a party until dawn in one of the many Sarajevo night clubs.




Second day is intended for trip to Mostar, which is the pearl of Herzegovina. You will be able to get known with the town on the river Neretva, with a typical Mediterranean climate, surrounded by beautiful mountains. During the war it was severely damaged, but now it was thoroughly renovated and the town slowly returns to life. We will visit the most important monument of Mostar, which is now under the protection of UNESCO - reconstructed bridge over the Neretva, standinginstead of in the last war destroyed the old stone bridge, which was built in 1566 by Mimar Hajrudin.




After breakfast we will head towards Banja Luka, the capital city of Republic of Srbska. After we arrive we will firstly try famous hometown coffee, afterwards we will have guided tour, we will see: fortress of Kaštel, museum of Republic of Srbska, national theatre, government building, courts of Banske, museum of national arts. After sightseeing we will have some free time to taste some national specialities. We will return in Ljubljana in the late evening.




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Price: 110*

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